Bitcoin Lets Us Stand Up To Ruling Class Plunder

Bitcoin Lets Us Stand Up To Ruling Class Plunder

The under is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1120: “They have made plunder the norm.” Sign up for the newsletter here.

If you happen to could not inform, we’re dwelling by way of a little bit of a societal decay in the mean time. And if we’re being brutally sincere with ourselves, we have in all probability been dwelling by way of a little bit of a societal decay for many years, it is simply way more apparent in the mean time. There are lots of variables that led to the present frayed society that appears misplaced and considerably determined. We will level to the cash printing, a media and political class that appear hell bent on sowing division, a mix of complacency and apathy, and numerous different components.

Nonetheless, there’s a widespread issue beneath all these components that has created an surroundings the place societal decay is inevitable. Moreover, this widespread issue is one thing that man has recognized about for hundreds of years and now we have been warned to keep away from by nice thinkers all through historical past; when these on the high of the financial/energy construction do not reside by the identical guidelines as these under them it can result in an inevitable societal and ethical collapse as these under the higher rungs of the ability construction grow to be aware about the unfairness of the system.

Within the wake of the 2008 monetary disaster the truth that we reside in a two-tiered society damaged up right into a ruling class and its cronies who can plunder with little to no repercussions and the remainder of us who wouldn’t have that capacity. Or ought to I say, did not have that capacity. It appears that evidently we have reached a degree the place a number of the “have nots” have had sufficient of watching the members of the ruling class run amok and are deciding to get what they understand to be their justifiable share. This sentiment and comply with up motion is turning into pervasive in cities across the nation which have neutered their police departments and determined to not prosecute petty crimes like theft. It has grow to be more and more standard for flash mobs to run into shops and completely ransack them with none worry of repercussions.

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