Inside Silk Road Staged Assassinations

Inside Silk Road Staged Assassinations

This text was initially published on Medium in March 2020.


We assessment three enthralling felony indictments in america, which had been printed between 2013 and 2015 and associated to the Silk Street darknet market. Piecing collectively data hidden deep contained in the paperwork, unrelated to the primary felony expenses, was the unbelievable story of a collection of obvious assassinations, which seem to have been staged.

No less than one of many murders was staged by an undercover DEA agent. We interviewed the sufferer of this faux homicide, Mr. Curtis Inexperienced.

Staged assassinations perpetrated by federal agents were key to the demise of the Silk Road darknet marketplace, a critical Bitcoin use case.

Curtis Inexperienced in entrance of the Marriott resort room the place federal brokers staged his torture in 2013. Source.

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