Bitcoin’s Taproot And Hardware Wallets

Bitcoin’s Taproot And Hardware Wallets

Taproot just lately activated on Bitcoin’s mainnet. The inclusion in Bitcoin’s protocol, nevertheless, is just step one in really reaping the advantages of Bitcoin’s newest improve.

“It has been an extended story that began in a diner in Los Altos, CA the place Greg Maxwell, Andrew Poelstra and I someplace in January 2018 had lunch.” – Pieter Wuille’s thread on the backstory of Taproot development and activation

The current Bitcoin improve could also be exhausting to know for non-technical bitcoiners — however that’s solely once we deal with what it’s and the way it works on a technical stage. That’s the ordinary drawback with speaking all issues Bitcoin; typically we focus an excessive amount of on the “what” and “how” of varied Bitcoin parts, whereas overlooking the “why.”

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