In 2021, Bitcoin Offered Us Peace Of Mind

In 2021, Bitcoin Offered Us Peace Of Mind

The 12 months 2021, I feel, has seen its justifiable share of volatility the world over. We began the 12 months off with a really fascinating event on the U.S. Capitol, and a British decide blocking the extradition of Julian Assange.

On the time, the bitcoin value was pushing north by the $20,000s.

Since then, we now have seen occasions transpire which have completed something however hamper volatility on the geopolitical spectrum.

Since January, we now have seen: a coup d’état in Myanmar, the USA cease offering weapons to Saudi Arabia (and the UAE) that have been getting used within the Yemeni Civil War, the primary iteration of vaccines for the COVID-19 virus roll out and Russia improve its involvement in Ukraine (and now, Belarus). SpaceX efficiently accomplished its Crew-1 mission of returning 4 crew members to Earth aboard Crew Dragon “Resilience: from the Worldwide Area Station, and hostilities between Israel and Palestine resulted in weeks of missile assaults and the demolition of a building that was occupied by the Related Press, Al Jazeera and others in Gaza.

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