Official Lyrics To ‘Livin Wild’ By Gunna

Official Lyrics To ‘Livin Wild’ By Gunna

Gunna Lyrics

Right here is the official lyrics to ‘Livin Wild’ by Gunna. On ‘Livin Wild’ the American rapper raps about delicate matters similar to, his battle with habit amongst different issues. Take a look at the lyrics under.

Official Lyrics To Livin Wild By Gunna

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‘Livin Wild’ Lyrics By Gunna

(Why, why me, child?)
You recognize every single day, we residing life
Up and downs and shit, going by shit
Going by modifications, and you already know what I am saying (Why me, child?)
Actual life shit
(Why, why me, child?)
(I been residing wild)
(Why me, child?)

Verse 1
I simply left the hospital, would possibly want one other liver
Kidney failures, I inform you this shit could not be no realer
My physique and medicines too acquainted so it is arduous to clear my system
This shit get arduous on a nigga, I hardly present my emotions
Look as much as see stars, however I am realizing God within the ceiling
I been getting excessive inconsistent, however you tryna present me completely different
Judging me for making an attempt the whippets, I am bored with the critics
However I am unable to cap, I ain’t really feel it, however this time I completed did it
The doc’ did not care who thе richest, I must be admitted

I been residing wild
Why mе, child? Why?

Verse 2
Wanna know why the explanation on why I’ve my causes?
Motive why they ain’t inform me it was pneumonia season
These police will not by no means save us, that is why I run with heathens
God say you need me to say it, you gotta take it straightforward
I am tryna stack it like layers and hold it further tacky
I had stepped again from these rappers, these niggas performing grasping
I am gon’ say no, I do not owe you, do not care if you really want it
Generally you gotta present you ain’t no ho, ain’t speaking ’bout no bob and weaving
Niggas know I bought love for PO and Debo, should I repeat it?
(Niggas know I bought love for PO and Debo, should I repeat it?)
Get up, hit the ‘yo, spit a circulation, say let’s go, then I repeat it
Check out my bro and I do know we gotta eat
You a rockstar lil’ soldier, I hope you do not by no means go away me
Codeine all in your colon, you bought that shit and squeeze
Fucked up, cannot management it, you regular rolling weed
Everybody mentioned they advised you and also you ain’t taking heed

Why, why me, child?
I been residing wild
Why me, child?
Why, why?
Why, why me, child?
I been residing wild
Why me, child?
I been residing wild

Run that again, Turbo (Why, why me child?)
I been residing wild
Why me, child?

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