Bitcoin Enables Ukrainian Refugee Escape

Bitcoin Enables Ukrainian Refugee Escape

You fall asleep sooner or later and get up the subsequent to seek out your nation is under attack by a foreign power, bombs are falling from the sky in main cities concentrating on navy and demanding infrastructure and international troops are shifting in from all instructions. It’s obscure the concern that somebody would expertise in such a scenario, however that’s precisely what hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian residents have been feeling over the previous few days.

As of February 24, the Ukrainian central financial institution suspended electronic cash transfers and ATMs have been overrun. The borders have been closed for all men of fighting age, who’ve been ordered by the federal government to remain and struggle towards Russian troopers. The federal government has been encouraging citizens to make molotov cocktails to assist struggle to defend the nation. It is a horrifying scenario, and it is past phrases the injury that such issues trigger for folks once they occur.

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